10 ‘LOST’ Storylines That Were Cast Aside and Abandoned

Has there been a more polarising show than ‘LOST’? It seems scarcely believable that the show started over thirteen years ago. For six seasons, the show weaved between several different stories, taking viewers on a journey featuring flash-backs, flash-forwards, and unfortunately, even flash-sideways. One could expect the writer’s room was an interesting location to be, as the producers came up with crazy ideas. The show of course finished in acrimonious fashion. The show was renowned for creating more questions than answers, and unsurprisingly, several storylines that were meant to take place, never quite materialised. Here, we take a look at these storylines and imagine how the show could’ve ended up differently had they stayed!


The show followed the lives of 48 survivors from Oceanic Flight 815


10. Characters of Sawyer and Charlie

Sawyer was a very popular character for all six seasons, while Charlie played a key role in the opening three seasons, before his tragic death. However the characters they became were different to how they had originally been seen in the writer’s room. Charlie had been seen as a ‘has-been’ rock-star, before being changed to accommodate actor Dominic Monaghan. Sawyer had been seen as an older and suit-wearing conman, before being changed, with Josh Holloway helping to mould the character to become his own. While Sawyer likely would’ve been as annoying as he was in the first season, we feel an older Charlie would’ve been a strange sight. Definitely both resulted well.


9. The Tampa Job

“What could possibly get us even for the Tampa job?” asks Sawyer in Season one episode ‘Outlaws’. Well in Season two we looked set to find out the story behind the ‘Tampa Job’, which would seemingly involve Hibbs incurring the wrath of Sawyer somehow. Flashback scenes were shot, including those featuring actress Jolene Blalock. The scenes were meant for the early season episode of ‘Adrift’, but after the producers objected to the scenes, the episode was switched to be Michael-centric. While this didn’t really change the show, it would’ve at least answered an unanswered question!


8. Nikki and Paulo

One of the most well-known storyline changes included Nikki and Paulo. These were two characters, unseen in the first two series, yet suddenly appeared in season three, having been a part of the plane crash. With several characters away from the main beach camp, the duo were created to help the beach camp area advance. The two were due for a longer story-arc than we saw, but after proving universally unpopular with fans, they were killed off abruptly. They weren’t really missed, and we fail to see where they could’ve contributed to the show after their death’s.


close up of globe
The island was located somewhere in the South Pacific. Photo by NastyaSensei Sens on Pexels.com


7. Caesar

Caesar – a character that we saw very little of, yet if plans had remained for the character – he would’ve become an integral part of the tail end of the show. We saw him in Season 5 first, being part of the Ajira flight that crashed on the island. The actor Said Taghmaoui was unable to commit to a full series, so Ben Linus was given the chance to kill him in just the fourth episode of season five. Then, he was meant to have a big impact in the final season – including the flash-sideways element of the show, but Taghmaoui refused the role, and the character wasn’t ever seen after his death. What could’ve been.



6. Season Four Flashbacks

Season Four was a strange season – not helped by the fact it featured so few episodes. The Writer’s Guild strike was the cause of this. Originally, season four was set to include more episodes, which would’ve allowed the Science team from the Kahana freighter to have their own individuals flashbacks. Faraday and Miles got their own flashback in season five, while Charlotte’s past was featured through time-travel. As for season four, the trio’s past was explored in an episode alongside Lapidus and Naomi. More time in season four could’ve certainly helped – and we could’ve got to know the freighter folk a little better. We all wanted to see a Keamy flashback!




5. Desmond’s Story

Desmond Hume became one of the most popular character’s throughout the show’s run. He was a key part of the latter seasons, and of course the flash-sideways world. Yet all of this wasn’t originally planned – Desmond was only supposed to appear in three episodes! Once he had passed the Hatch torch over to Locke and the gang, we weren’t meant to see him again. Yet he returned at the end of the season – even getting his own flashback. We then saw Desmond become a main character – yielding the all-time classic ‘Flashes Before Your Eyes’ – an episode many consider to be the best in the show’s run. Imagining the show without Desmond is difficult!


4. Boone’s Death

Ah Boone, taken from us too early! The first main character to be killed off, yet revelations since have revealed this was poor fortune! In the Season One episode ‘All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues’, Locke, Boone, Kate and Jack all going charging up the island, trying to find Ethan. As part of this chase, Locke and Boone end up finding the hatch. It is the pursuit of opening the hatch which ended with Boone’s death, as he fell to his death. Therefore, Boone joining the other three was the beginning of the end. Yet Boone wasn’t originally going to be the one joining Locke. This role was going to be given to two new guest characters – Sullivan and Arthur. Who knows what Boone could’ve gone on to achieve – it was a shame to lose him. This also sounded the death knell for Shannon, who suddenly became rather pointless in the aftermath of Boone’s demise, it didn’t take too long for her to join her brother in the camp graveyard.


Lost featured several intriguing storylines


3. Mr. Eko

Another character that was taken too early from us – Mr. Eko. Eko was one of the most popular characters on the show. He was due to have a long run on the show, which would see him continue his spiritual journey, helping to advance the mythology of the show too. Yet unfortunately, actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje wanted to leave Hawaii following the death of his parents. Some elements of the planned material for Eko were moved to Locke. Yet this is one of the great tragedies of the show – Eko promised so much, yet we got to see very little in the end. How cool would’ve it had been to see Eko time-travelling, or becoming a part of the Dharma Initiative! Eko looked set to appear in the final season in the flash-sideways world, though that eventually didn’t materialise.


2. Ben Linus

Ben Linus became one of the most critically-acclaimed characters of the show, with actor Michael Emerson scooping various awards. Yet like Desmond earlier, Ben was only meant to appear in three episodes. Once his stint as being a prisoner in the Hatch was over, we weren’t meant to see him. Yet the performance of Emerson was received so positively, that he went on to appear more in season two, before becoming a series regular from series three to the end of the show’s run. Ben of course was the leader of the ‘Others’, a position we can’t imagine him not holding. While we disliked him for killing Locke – the best character on the show – he was a key component of what made the show so successful. ‘LOST’ without Ben Linus is near-unimaginable.




1. Jack’s Role

Without doubt the abandoned story line that made the biggest impact was one relating to Jack Shepherd. Did you know – the de facto leader of the survivors was actually meant to die in the Pilot episode?! Originally, Michael Keaton was due to appear as Jack for the Pilot, but once the network’s executives made the change to make Jack the leader for a full series, Keaton backed out. Matthew Fox, who had originally auditioned for Sawyer, was then cast as Jack – a position he made his own. Kate had originally been due to be the leader of the castaways – with some of her story lines moved to Rose instead. Jack was the main man in Lost – and appeared in the majority of the key scenes on the show. The show finished with Jack’s death. Without doubt, the show would’ve been totally different without Jack.


So there we have it – ten changes that could’ve changed ‘LOST’ enormously. Can you imagine Lost without Desmond, Linus or Jack? But how sad that we didn’t get to see more of Boone or Eko. It was a great show during its run, but as this article has shown – how differently things might have been!





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