Snow Causes Chaos For Exams At Aston Uni


Birmingham has been hit by a deluge of snow – and it is having a knock-on effect for exams at Aston University! The University has announced some changes for the exams being held this week, read on for details.


Snow in the United Kingdom!


Earlier in the day it was announced that the library would be shutting today, with inclement weather making it dangerous around the area, with staff and students alike struggling to make it onto campus. With this in mind, and with the forecast suggesting more snow could be on the way, it was necessary to make changes. Students missing an exam is something to avoid at all costs.




Any student who has an exam scheduled for 9am on Monday will now not need to make it on to campus until 11:30am. This revised start time for exams allows the ground staff to clear any snow from campus. In an unexpected move, exams scheduled for Monday afternoon will no longer be held on Monday – instead taking place on either Wednesday for Friday. Exams will be rescheduled, and communicated to students in due course. This could give students some extra time to revise – which could be crucially important!


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The University apologised for any inconvenience caused, however it appears that this was a necessary move following the effect that snow is having. But it isn’t all negative, with as mentioned, extra time now for students to revise. It is worth keeping an eye on news regarding further exam postponements.





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