West Bay, England

Dorset is a well-renowned county for its picturesque views, and is generally considered to feature one of the most attractive landscapes in the United Kingdom. One of the best locations to visit in Dorset is West Bay – located just outside Bridport, Dorset. While the location has become known for its appearance in the popular drama ‘Broadchurch’, many have known its beauty for a long time. Here we take a look at West Bay – a truly stunning location that’s well worth visiting.


West Bay is a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of London!


West Bay forms part of Dorset’s famous Jurassic Coast. West Bay features a stone-filled beach, a harbour, huge cliffs, and several picturesque walks. The beach itself is perfect for relaxing, and in the summer months, is often frequented by locals. The cliffs can easily be accessed via walking, with the views from the top stunning! There are many walks to go on, and with a lot of green space around, you can be assured of incredible sights throughout your walk.


The area is famous for its fish. On the outskirts of the marina – which is located next to the beach – is an abundance of food stands. These all offer similar products – fresh fish, chips, burgers and more. The aptly named Windy Corner Café is located near to these stands, and offers impressive views, and very nice food too! There are a couple more cafés in the area. While there isn’t a huge choice of outlets, this is one of the benefits of West Bay – it hasn’t become hugely overpopulated and modernised like similar locations. It feels very traditional there, and with a lack of chain stores, offers a totally different experience to many parts of the United Kingdom.


Getting to West Bay however can be slightly problematic. A car or coach is the best way to visit, and parking is very reasonable. Unfortunately, the nearest train station is several miles away. Yet so long as you have access to a car, it is easy to find! Despite the lack of transport links, West Bay enjoys considerable tourism – especially in the summer months. There are many hotels and B&B’s in the local area too. If you are planning a trip, there is ample choice for accommodation.


Of course the TV drama ‘Broadchurch’ has significantly raised awareness of West Bay. The drama was filmed on location at West Bay, and featured several of the well-known landmarks of the area. The show boosted tourism in the area further – and led many travellers from further afar to visit the area. Broadchurch fans who visit West Bay will be surprised at how closely what they saw on TV actually resembles the area. Perhaps minus the accents! West Bay has also been used as a filming location for other TV dramas.




Overall, West Bay is certainly a location worth visiting. The area features some stunning views. In the summer months you might even be able to take a dip in the ocean. Whether you are there for a day’s walk or a week’s getaway, West Bay offers you a lot. Keep an eye on this section for more areas to be looked at. Happy travelling!




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