Weekly Bulletin: Mon 11 Dec 2017

Welcome to the Weekly Bulletin of News for Monday 11th December 2017. Here is a brief summary of the news emanating from the world in the past week.



  • In a highly controversial move, President of the United States Donald Trump has announced that the US recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Jerusalem is a city that is sacred for three different religions, and is key in the ongoing Israeli/Palestine disputes. The announcement caused widespread protests in many Middle Eastern countries.



  • News from New York today suggests an attempted bomb attack has failed. News is still filtering through, however fortunately, no one appears to have been seriously injured. One man has been arrested by Police.
  • Staying with the US, there have been a series of fires in the state of California, with some struggling to be kept under control.
  • Moving to Africa, and the nation of Tanzania, there has been controversy following the decision to commute the sentences of two convicted child rapists. The decision has been criticised by Human Rights groups.



  • The majority of the UK has been hit by snow. See the best images here!
  • Continuing from last week – the search of a landfill site in relation to missing RAF serviceman Corrie McKeague has now ended. McKeague was last seen in September 2016, where he appeared to vanish. Investigators believe he climbed into a waste bin to sleep, before subsequently being taken away by a bin lorry.



  • Huge betting company Ladbrokes Coral are in discussions with fellow betting chain GVC regarding a possible takeover. This merger would create an enormous betting company.



  • Ground has been made over Brexit talks. However, due to legislation in the UK, MP’s will discuss a second EU referendum following the results of a petition, which secured the amount of signatures needed to force a discussion. There are no obligations however.



  • Media reports suggest that Apple could be on the verge of buying Shazam for £300m!








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From the team at UniEel, good luck for the week ahead.




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