Plans For New Library On Clifton Campus Announced


Exciting news is ahead for students at the University of Bristol – plans have been announced for a new state-of-the-art library on the main Clifton Campus. The library will redevelop the land currently hosting the Hawthorns – current location of student accommodation. The development is expected to cost around £80M, and is the latest exciting announcement from the University, following on from the news regarding a new campus adjacent to the Temple Meads rail station. Read on for the full story!




The announcement, which was made on the website of the University earlier today, suggests the library will ‘delight and inspire innovation and discovery’. The building will also be designed by a respected team of architects. The project will redevelop the Hawthorns. As mentioned earlier, the University recently announced plans for a new £300M campus, it looks like an exciting time for students at the University of Bristol!




While plans for the library are still in their infancy, the new library is set to include a cultural collections centre. This will provide a space for a considerable amount of archived material to be displayed. Library’s have grown in importance to students in the last few years, and this announcement is therefore crucial to keep Bristol advancing as a University.




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In terms of a timetable for the library redevelopment to take place, planning permission still needs to be granted. Judging by previous redevelopments, it could be a while before the site is completed. Yet when it is completed, it is sure to contribute to a positive experience for students!





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