You Can Buy A Kent Uni-Themed Monopoly!


In some of the greatest news of the festive season – the University of Kent are offering a special Kent-themed Monopoly board game for a reduced price of £15.99! This new take on the classic game is perfect for the festive season, or even for when you return to your student digs for the new term. Monopoly is a classic game – and with a personal version now available, it is as good a time as any to battle over property. Check out the announcement below – with the link available too!

Please note: Since this article was published, the price has dropped to £12.99. [Nov 18]



While Monopoly may be the single source of many family feuds (see the top ten causes of Monopoly Arguments here), there is no doubting how much we love the game. The University commissioned this special edition of the game as part of its 50th anniversary celebrations.




Of course, to make it fit the University of Kent, the board has been suitably customised. Perhaps the standout change is where players now have to pay fines for not adhering to the noise ban. Moreover, you can miss a turn for being lost in the beloved Eliot College, or even Rutherford. These things are easily done, as any University of Kent student – past or present, can attest to.


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Follow this link to be directed to a page where you can purchase the game, and remember to play fairly…





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