Brunel Bikes To Launch Next Spring Following Last-Gasp Donations!


Following a last-minute rally, Brunel University London claimed a winning prize in the Santander Cycles University Challenge, meaning soon enough, our University will have its own public biking scheme. This is great news for students, and should make transport around both the University area and London itself easier. Finishing in a winning position is an impressive achievement, and underlines the spirit around the University, with many late donations leading to this victory. This will certainly improve the student experience.


Good news for Brunel students!


The Santander Cycles challenge pitted five Universities against one another – with the aim of winning an investment of £100,000 towards implementing a public bike system – something already proving successful in multiple University towns and cities. The top two would secure the investment. Swansea University claimed top spot, with Brunel roaring at the eleventh hour to finish second. Birmingham was the unfortunate institution to miss out following Brunel’s late rally, with Portsmouth and Surrey ending up fourth and fifth respectively.




Brunel University managed to raise £85,448 through crowdfunding, handing it second place. Now that Brunel has won, plans have been unveiled. Eight docking stations will be placed around several locations in Hillingdon, including the University campus. 50 bikes – which will be complete with Santander and Brunel livery, will be available for riding. This move should result in easier transport for students, and even reduce pollution in the process. Anyone will be eligible for the scheme, with Brunel students and staff able to secure a year’s membership for £30.00. This allows unlimited 60-minute trips per day, a pretty good deal.


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Over the course of the term, this will be sure to be a worthwhile investment for students. This is a great award for Brunel, and the student experience will surely benefit from this. The scheme will be installed by Nextbike. The huge donations underline the enthuasiasm towards the scheme. 438 people pledged to the scheme, with £5,000 the biggest donation. This system will also work out much cheaper than bus transport, while helping with the environment! It’s a win-win for students and staff alike.





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