Swansea Wins Santander Cycles Challenge – Bike Scheme To Be Implemented


In some great news for students at Swansea University, a bike scheme will be coming to the city following Swansea’s victory in the Santander Cycles Challenge. This is amazing news for students, and should lead to transport improvements in the University area of the city and beyond. Swansea finished in first place in the challenge – underlining the enthusiasm towards the bike scheme – with crowdfunding playing an integral part in the victory. We can now wait in anticipation for the bike scheme to be unveiled!


Great news for Swansea!


The Santander Cycles challenge pitted five Universities against one another – with the aim of winning an investment of £100,000 towards implementing a public bike system – something already proving successful in multiple University towns and cities. The top two would secure the investment. Swansea University claimed top spot, with Brunel roaring at the eleventh hour to finish second. Birmingham was the unfortunate institution to miss out following Brunel’s late rally, with Portsmouth and Surrey ending up fourth and fifth respectively.




Swansea University opted to raise money through crowdfunding, which raised a mammoth £100,000 – well above the original target of just over £50,000. This is an impressive amount – and was well clear of second placed Brunel. 612 people pledged to the project. The University’s vice-chancellor Professor Richard B. Davies lauded the victory, suggesting it ‘demonstrated the boldness, ambition and the can-do attitude’ of Swansea University. Both businesses and individuals from the wider community were among those to contribute – showing the level of enthusiasm for the project.


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There will be five hubs and fifty bikes. In further good news for the student community of Swansea – there will be one hub at both the Singleton Park campus and the Bay campus. The bike scheme will not only ease transport issues and aid accessibility, but also lower pollution levels. Many students currently utilise bus services to get to-and-from campus, though the bike scheme will offer a cheaper way of transport, and arguably more convenient too! Great news!





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