Why Have Amazon Only Just Started Selling Google Products?

The following story is a tit-for-tat argument one would expect to hear on the school playground. Yet this is not the case, instead said argument is between two of the largest companies in the world – Google and Amazon. However the saga has finally come to an end, and relations between the two appear to have been healed. Amazon are now selling Google products, such as the Chromecast, on their site. Yet why has this only just happened? What was going on?! Read on to find out.


Amazon is now selling Google products


The saga began around two years ago, when Amazon removed Chromecast devices from their store. Many believe this was because the Chromecast allows viewers to watch other online services i.e. Netflix – the main rival of Amazon Prime Video. With Amazon at the time hugely pushing Prime Video, trying to avoid giving competitors any boost was important. Amazon suggested the move was based around ‘trying to end customer confusion’ regarding which services were available on each device. Amazon boasts similar devices – such as the Fire TV stick.




Yet Google, understandably disappointed that the world’s largest marketplace wasn’t selling their product, fought back. Amazon is the most popular e-commerce site in the world, and is crucial, even for Google. So Google blocked access to YouTube on some Amazon products. YouTube is in turn the world’s largest video-sharing site, rendering many Amazon products near-useless without YouTube’s backing.


This appeared to put Google on the front foot, but they didn’t stop there. Google threatened further reprisals too. Earlier this year Google stepped this up further by stopping YouTube being available on the Amazon Echo Show. Google then went for the jugular – threatening the Amazon Fire TV sticks with the same fate as other devices.




Unsurprisingly, Amazon was forced to back down. They have now started to list Google devices on their page. Amazon suggested however the quarrel had hurt both firms – which is surely true. Yet following ‘productive discussions’, the argument appears to be over. This is ultimately good news for consumers – you will be able to access YouTube across Amazon’s broad suite of devices, and also buy Google products on Amazon. Everyone wins!





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