Bournemouth’s Talbot Campus Bus Hub Is Complete


Well ahead of schedule, the bus hub at Bournemouth University‘s Talbot Campus is complete – meaning that when the next semester begins after the Christmas break, that transport will become easier for students, along with more benefits. One of the great benefits of the hub is that there is real-time information available for bus users – meaning it is easy and convenient to get to and from the campus. In the long run, this bus hub looks sure to improve the University considerably.


Good news for Bournemouth students!


The new facility consists of six bays, which allows one centralised hub for all bus travel at the University. Passengers will get an improved service when travelling to and from campus, and increased information will prove to be helpful for students. As mentioned above, the facility has arrived well-ahead of schedule – with the original opening date expected to be around April 2018. Real-time information also makes it easier than ever before to use a bus to travel to and from University.




As an added benefit, the hub has been built so that canopy-like shelters are in place. These shelters are hugely useful – and will ensure in the pouring rain, or even in the case of further inclement weather like snow, that passengers will have ample cover. The addition of safety crossings will also increase safety in the area – and reduce the chance of any incidents! The different features added to the bus hub should ensure that it offers all passengers a great service.


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With a maximum capacity of eight buses, the bus hub could also pave the way for a future expansion of UNIBUS – that might lead to more areas being served. From Monday 8 January 2018, all UNIBUS services will depart from the bus hub. By having a centralised area, it should ease transport congestion and make transport around Bournemouth easier. Overall, the student experience too will benefit from this!





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