Couples Reveal The Fights That Almost Ended Their Relationships

Relationships are rarely straight-forward – the things we do for love… It is often said the strongest relationships are those where the couple happily speak their mind. Yet this will inevitably cause arguments. And as many know too well, arguments can cause the end of relationships. Usually relationships will begin with a honeymoon phase – where everything is going well. Yet this phase ends with an argument. Now, couples have taken to the popular confessions app Whisper to reveal the fights that almost ended their relationships!




There were a range of reasons given for an argument starting, however a theme that often arose was politics! Three couple said about how politics caused their first argument. One couple battled regarding the age-old argument of socialism against conservative politics. Another couple had a politics-themed argument, which resulted in the male not responding to any texts! Wow! And of course, a debate about US President Donald Trump resulted in an argument – it is unsurprising this happened.




Some of the more light-hearted reasons included an argument about Forrest Gump – the critically acclaimed film. The argument revolved around whether or not Jenny ‘used’ Forrest in the film – that must have been an interesting argument to listen to! One couple, despite being in their mid-twenties, argued over who would get to play Pokemon on their Gameboy first… old habits die hard. Others argued over a child that they didn’t even have yet! Well at least they were prepared for the next step!


Addictions and bad habits were another cause of arguments. Cigarettes caused an argument – it can be difficult for both parties in this case. And in an unfortunate case, one person, who had already seen an engagement called off because of drinking problems, said his first fight with his girlfriend was over drink. It can be so hard to kick the habit! Alchohol and drug misuse can tear relationships and families apart, it is always difficult to see.




Mainly though, arguments revolved around worrying, and the fact that people cared. One boyfriend was worried about his girlfriend – which resulted in an argument, while money being spent was another issue. But again, it’s hard when all you want to do is help. Caring is nice, but it does of course have its pitfalls. But, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and a couple suggested arguments made their relationship stronger. Every cloud has a silver lining!


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