Keele Uni Innovation Hub Gets One Step Closer

The planned smart innovation hub at Keele University has moved one step closer, as the contract to build the three-storey building has been awarded. The contract was awarded to Bouygues UK, a well-known construction firm. They bid just below 12m to secure the contract ahead of three competitors. The innovation hub continues to be planned, and will be an impressive asset to Keele University’s ever-improving campus, and the wider student experience too!


An innovation hub continues to make progress


The innovation hub will provide incubation space for new and developing businesses. This will help support both the local economy and local businesses. Having a community of businesses on the campus will certainly provide benefits – and could pave the way for student placement opportunities. Knowledge-sharing between businesses at the innovation hub will lead to increased innovation – which as said above, will help improve the local economy.


The building will be 47,000 square feet, and based on the University campus, being part of the Science and Innovation Park. The hub will also include the Keele Management School, which continues to enjoy a growing reputation. This will further facilitate an improvement in the school – with the facilities set to dramatically improve. Keele’s Business courses have been improving in recent years, and this looks set to see these improvements continue.


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With the innovation hub continuing and getting ever-closer, Keele University continues to improve. We’ll have to wait and see for the hub to be complete, but it continues to be planned, and when complete, will vastly improve the University.



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