Mindfulness Can Help Alleviate Mental Health Problems, Cambridge Academics Say


An interesting study from University of Cambridge academics has found that mindfulness can help alleviate mental health problems at University. This news could see a continued spike in the popularity of mindfulness – the popular relaxation and mind-harnessing technique. This study also concluded that mindfulness is especially useful in exam season – one of the most strenuous and stressful times as a student. These findings are useful given the mental health crisis at UK Universities.


An interesting study!


The results outlined above came from a study of 600 Cambridge students. The findings suggested that an eight-week mindfulness course can help prevent mental illness and improve mental health in University students. Moreover, the resilience of students can be strengthened too. There have been a growing number of cases in the United Kingdom revolving around mental health issues – and therefore these findings are very useful to addressing this ongoing problem.




The study was published in ‘The Lancet Public Health’. One of the statistics within the study that was particularly worrying was the fact that while first-year students’ cases of mental health issues was comparatively lower than the general population, by their second year, cases rise above those seen in the general population. These statistics are very worrying, and provide evidence of the issue of mental health. Universities have been ploughing in considerable funds to address the issue.


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Mindfulness has become increasingly-popular in recent years, and this study is the latest feather in its cap. Mental health is clearly a big issue – therefore undertaking a mindfulness course can be recommended, according to these studies. If this research can be further backed up, then this could easily be something that is implemented at Universities across the United Kingdom. Mindfulness is already something seen across the United Kingdom, though its popularity is seemingly set to rise.





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