11 Things To Do While At De Montfort University


De Montfort University is well-known for offering a great student experience – there is a lot to do and see here! Leicester is an excellent location to be a student – thousands of students, a great nightlife, and even the occasional unexpected Premier League triumph! You will have a great time here – whether you are an Undergraduate, Postgraduate or even a visiting student! Yet the time will unfortunately fly by! Yet this list of different things to do should given you some inspiration to get the most out of your time at the University. This list ranges from things such as landmarks to see, places to travel, and most importantly, graduation! Read on!


As fun as the library is, there is a lot to do elsewhere!



1.  Explore Leicester!


Leicester is certainly one of the hidden gems of the United Kingdom! The location is brilliant, living costs are reasonable and there are so many other students in the city! The city really is beautiful too when you get to explore it. There are several hidden gems around the city. Leicester is a good size too – not too big, but not too small either! There are some nice parks and walks to do, while the University area is nice too! There is much to see around Leicester!


2. Utilise the Student’s Union

De Montfort University has a great Student’s Union which is well worth engaging with, and the work they do is really positive for students. The SU offers many societies – check out a full list here. Without doubt, there is something for everyone – with the societies ranging from academic-based to hobby-based. Societies offer a great chance to make friends and socialise. The SU also runs regular campaigns to support students.


3. Enjoy the Nightlife!


Leicester offers an impressive nightlife. The city centre has a slew of night spots. There are a huge range of places to visit throughout Leicester. Whether bars, pubs or nightclubs are your thing – there will be something for you! It is well worth taking time out in the evenings to ‘recharge your batteries’. Mosh Nightclub and Revolution are two student favourites.




4. Learn About Different Cultures

Our University boasts a broad international community – with many different countries represented. This is certainly something well worth taking advantage of. You can learn about different cultures. Wherever possible, you should try their cuisine – you might be positively surprised! Either way, this is always something worth doing!



5. Try Out the Sport Facilities


The University boasts fantastic sports facilities – as a student here, you should take advantage of them. Whether you are just a casual player looking for something fun and exercise – or someone looking to compete for the University, it is certainly worth trying something! Societies are an excellent way of trying out sports. The University has many competitive teams which compete against other University’s on Wednesdays.


6. Visit Newarke Houses Museums & Gardens

For a day of culture and impressive sights – consider visiting Newarke Houses – a location very near the campus. This site consists of two houses. The museum at this location is interesting, and provides an interesting history lesson of Leicester and the Royal Leicestershire Regiment. You’ll know all about the city you study in after a visit here! Even if you don’t go for the history – the houses are magnificent too!




7. University Heritage Centre


Located on our very own campus – the University Heritage Centre is well worth visiting during your stay at the University. The centre features more history, and even provides a chance to use virtual reality technology. An interesting experience, and one certainly worth doing!


8. Play Asylum Escape!

This is an amazing activity to do with friends! This is similar to other activity centres around the UK where a team works together to solve a mystery, and try and escape the Asylum in time! When you play with your friends, this is an amazing thing to do, and will prove to be very fun! You’ll have sixty minutes to escape, the pressure will be on! This location has been receiving rave reviews, and is well worth going to!


9. Visit Other Parts of the United Kingdom!


The United Kingdom features some incredible cities. Day trips to the likes of Birmingham, Manchester and even Leeds are possible. Consider visiting London for a weekend away, and onward travel to the likes of Bristol, Brighton and Reading is realistic too – and even a visit to coastal areas could be recommended! There is a lot to see, the UK features some amazing landmarks!




10. Study Hard!

While this isn’t as fun as most of the suggestions in this article – this is still a critical element of University! However, what is most important is to get a good work/life balance. By doing this, you’ll be able to harness your mind’s full capabilities – ending in great results! With the University boasting good graduate prospects, your hard work can certainly pay off!


11. Graduate!


The single most important part of being a student at De Montfort – graduation! This is where your year’s of hard work will pay off – ensure you get to this day! It’ll be a proud day for you and your family. Hopefully, on your way to graduation, you’ll be able to complete many of the things in your stay here!





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