The 5 Best Places To Eat On Essex Uni Campus


One of the joys of the University of Essex campus is the abundance of food outlets available – there is genuinely something for every taste. From fast-food, to healthy, to even food on a double-decker bus, the campus offers it all! In this article we take a look at five of the best places to eat on campus. While cooking for yourself has the potential to be fun, more often than not it is a tough experience. Be sure to try out some of these places during your time at University, and give yourself a break from the studying!


There are some amazing food outlets on campus!


Fusion Grill

To kick us off, we take Fusion Grill – a firm favourite with students. This University boasts a large international community. Fusion Grill caters for many tastes – featuring foods from the likes of China, Greece, the US and Morocco among others. This outlet specialises in gourmet burgers – which are amazing! For meat-lovers, this is an excellent choice. Conversely, consider ‘Frangos’ for vegan or halal options.


Lakeside Theatre Café

This is a great option as it caters for so many tastes! Even better, this is a different place when comparing the daytime and evening variants of the café. In the day, there are a range of food and drink to choose from – pastries, hot and cold food, snacks and more. Yet in the evening Lakeside transforms – a bar even opens, which serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. When plays are performed, an amazing atmosphere is created!


Blues Café


For the healthier option – the Blues Café serves a range of food and drinks. The health side of this outlet comes in the form of the Campus’s largest salad bar. This makes it a popular stop-off, though there are also foods to indulge your sweet-tooth too! The carvery sandwiches that are available to be purchased here are popular, and with the central location of the café, it is a firm favourite with Essex students!




Buffalo Joe’s

In an age of healthy-eating, sometimes you just need to buck the trend and enjoy some comfort food! Buffalo Joe’s is a fast-food outlet, and perfect if you are in a rush to get to your 2pm lecture without an empty stomach. While there are many meat options, Joe’s also includes vegetarian options. This outlet is open well into the evening, and even offers the option of a take-away. For fans of fries, this is a must-visit – the curly fries are worth visiting for alone!


No. 64 Bus


How many University’s can say they have a life-sized bus as a food outlet? Conveniently placed on the campus, the No. 64 Bus is open from 9am to 4pm, every weekday. As the name suggests, this is quite literally a life-sized model of a bus where you can eat and drink. The bus is a double-decker. This outlet is known campus-wide for a variety of reasons, mainly its legendary cheesy chips! A range of other items are available too!


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These are of course just some of the many options on campus for food. Honourable mentions go the beloved Student’s Union Bar, and one popular with the Business students – Bonds – which is located in the Business School. Attempt to try out as many of the food outlets on campus as you can during your stay at the University. You won’t regret it!





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