The Top 10 Causes Of Monopoly Arguments

Monopoly – there is simply no game like it! Few things in life incite the level of passion we witness in a typical Monopoly game. All friendships are put aside when Monopoly is being played, and even the most socialist-oriented member of the family becomes a bloodthirsty capitalist. Yet despite the abundance of arguments that Monopoly causes, we wouldn’t want it any other way! So what is it that makes Monopoly the combustible game it is? In this article, we take a look at the top ten causes of Monopoly arguments. These range from annoying habits, to different perceptions of the rules to other anarchy-causing shenanigans. Enjoy!




10. Free Parking – What To Do?

Ah Free Parking – a square that has caused many discussions. The most common rule is that whenever anyone is fined e.g. through Chance or Community Chest cards, or the dreaded income/super tax, that the money goes in the middle, ready to be picked up by the recipient of the first to land on the free parking square. This has obvious benefits of throwing more capital into the game, yet runs the risk of making luck an integral part of the game. Yet, unbeknownst to many, the official rules state that the square is merely a free square, which is useful once the board is built up. The rules state that the bank should keep all income from taxes – which does resemble the real world more! While this isn’t likely to cause any board flips, this is still a contentious issue.


9. Who Gets What Token

Yes – an argument before the game has even begun – Monopoly is one of few games that causes quarrels prior to the game starting! Some people are happy playing as a thimble, but most want one of the more attractive tokens – the ship, the cannon, or for the millennial’s, the new pieces. In any case, it doesn’t bode well for the game when there is a fight before it has even begun.




8. Process of Auctioning Properties


So, someone lands on Old Kent Road and decides that in an age of rising living costs, that the £60 is too much. So Uncle Tom suggests it is time to auction it off, but Grandpa Alfred says ‘back in his day’ the game would go on. The auction itself can be summarised in one word – chaos. You end up paying well over the odds for a property that you arguably don’t even need. But at least you won it…


7. The Banker

A crucial part of the game is the banker – this needs to be someone who is trustworthy, knows the rules of the game, is well-organised and diplomatic. These however are four qualities that aren’t consistent with the game itself. This does of course pose somewhat of a problem, and therefore it is no surprise that this is another leading cause for arguments.




6. A Move Being Deliberately Mis-Counted

“It was a four and a five I tell you, not two fours!” The youngest member of the fraternity will bellow, but the elder folk are used to this tactic. When you are all set to land on Mayfair and an almost-certain death, it is always worth trying to get away with landing on the Super Tax. Yet however much you plead, trying to convince the others is tough. It is also incredibly annoying for the other players – which causes this issue. When there are disagreements over the roll, all hell can break loose, as many of us know.


5. Stealing From The Bank


Monopoly does resemble in a way the modern-day, cut-throat business world. Yet this doesn’t need to be extended to the crime world, where bank robberies have been known to happen. It can be tempting to reach into the bank and pick up a £500 note, or when you go to get your £200 for passing go – decide to grab whatever else you can too. But quite simply, this is cheating!


4. Taking Too Long On A Turn

Picking up dice, rolling them in your two cradled hands and blowing gently is something many do – it supposedly brings good luck. Yet it is frustrating for others. Or the old fashioned ‘whose turn is it’ can be frustrating. Many suggest Monopoly takes too long – this is often the cause – people taking too long on turns!




3. Players Buying Properties They Don’t Need

In this day and age, everyone wants a property portfolio. Yet at Monopoly, when you are searching for the final yellow property to complete a set, and another player buys it for the sake of buying it, it can be incredibly annoying. Things like this actually seriously affect your chances of winning – no surprises then that it makes our list! Special marks are awarded for the other player then refusing to part with said property, or even holding you to ransom – leading to an incredibly unfair deal.


2. People Being Too Cocky When Winning


Monopoly is mainly about strategy, but there is a fair amount of luck involved. And it seems that with every game – someone goes on a lucky streak, skipping every square that has a house, while every other player lands on them. Yet they aren’t magnanimous about it, instead they gloat about their good fortune. This cocky behaviour is infuriating, and is something that is likely to incite a riot, let alone an argument.


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1. People Making Up The Rules As They Go Along

But of course, what could possibly cause more arguments than when people make up the rules to the game as they go along? Bankruptcy, mortgages and other rules are always debated, and instead of trying to find the correct rule, they are sometimes just made up. It is when people make up rules that suit them that really causes anger, and without doubt, this is the main cause of an argument at Monopoly. Many of these will lead to a board flipping, or someone barricading themselves in a room. Ah Monopoly – how we love it.





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