Exeter Academics Find Bosses With Mood Swings Cause Most Employee Anxiety


In an interesting study, academics from the University of Exeter have concluded that bosses with a tendency to swing from a positive to a negative mood cause the most anxiety among employees. Many people will have been in the situation where they don’t particularly like their employer, this can be down to a range of reasons. But many will be able to sympathise with these findings – dealing with people who encounter regular mood swings can be difficult. Read on for more.


Conflict can be rife in the workplace!


The academics conducted a study which looked at relations between an employee and their employer. The study used three companies – two in the United Kingdom, and one in India. Their sample size was 320 people – which of course can’t possibly be representative of the world, yet is a reliable amount. The staff taking part were providing outsourced Human Resource services, or telephone-based customer service support – something well-renowned to be a menial job.




The researchers found that managers who had regular mood swings would cause tension and conflict in a workplace. Surprisingly, it was actually worse to have regular mood swings, than to be negative all of the time. An employer with mood swings ended up lowering the productivity of employees. So if your boss is consistently angry, then ostensibly, this is better than if they show some bright sparks. The uncertainty that mood swings create does however make this result understandable.


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The full study, which includes far more information, and provides extra details on the study – is published in the Journal of Management. For many, they will be able to relate to the findings here. Bosses are rarely easy to work under, many people have horror stories relating to their workplace. Still, constant anger beats occasional anger, it seems!





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