FreePrints App: What’s The Catch?!

An app that has recently been steadily growing in popularity is ‘FreePrints‘ – an app that seems to print photos for free, before sending them to your doorstep for a small delivery cost. When you see an offer like this, it is easy to think that it is too good to be true. In an age where the smartphone is king, and we all have hundreds of photos that we cherish, we want to be able to print photos now more than ever before. So what is the catch with FreePrints? Good news, there isn’t one. Read on to find out how this works.



Firstly, what does the app offer? Depending on the size you want your photo to be printed on, you will get a free allowance each month. For example, for 4×6 prints, you get 85 free prints each month, as seen above. Delivery starts at just £1.49, and even the app itself is free. You can grab your photos too from social media profiles such as Facebook – it really couldn’t be more simple. The app too has a really simple interface, making it easy to use.




So understandably, we’re all wondering how anyone in the right mind can afford to run a business model which provides free prints to anyone. Yet it is very simple. When printing in bulk, as FreePrints will do, costs are reduced. The fee you’ll pay for postage – even if it is just £1.49 at its cheapest, will cover the majority of costs. The app makes its money when people pay for prints outside of the free allowance. Printing costs tiny amounts, and therefore when people pay for extra prints, this can cover the costs of many other prints – even those users who will just utilise the free prints.


This is an example of the ‘freemium’ business model – areas of the app are free, but a small portion of users will use premium features that help make it cost-effective to offer free prints to the majority. Having the large user base that FreePrints will inevitably achieve also provides benefits – perhaps through advertising, or in months or years to come, prices could rise slightly, which again can facilitate profit. This model is used by a range of businesses, and as long as there are enough users utilising the ‘premium’ part of the app, this business model will always succeed.




So – great news right!? Printing for free! Be sure to take advantage of this great opportunity – you can visit the website of FreePrints here. Visit your app store to download the app. Even if you end up spending money on extra prints – you’ll still end up spending less than you would in high-street stores. Going back to the title question – there isn’t a catch involved. Enjoy your photos being printed for free – and remember those great times!





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