Where Do People Leaving London Go To Live?


London – the promise land for many – yet for others, they cannot wait to leave the iconic city. London is amazing for many reasons – and is a fantastic place to study for students – yet with rising living costs and other worries, many people are opting to leave London to up sticks elsewhere. So, with the United Kingdom offering a vast array of cities and towns to choose from – where do people decide to go next? It turns out that Bristol, Brighton and Birmingham are three popular choices!


Brighton – a popular location for those departing London!


Recent figures that were analysed by The Guardian revealed that a remarkable 292,000 people left London in just six months of 2016 – the highest level since 2006 – which in turn was affected by the 2005 London Tube bombings. More concerns over some attacks in London, and the cost of property in the area has prompted these figures. Students leaving University also affect this figure. The Home Counties such as Berkshire and Hertfordshire were popular locations to visit for those leaving – meaning that these people still receive many of the benefits of London e.g. strong public transport.




Yet three areas that were most popular include Bristol, Brighton and Birmingham. Bristol is certainly an area that is going from strength-to-strength. Brighton meanwhile is an iconic British city, again meaning there was no surprise here. Birmingham represents a logical choice – as it is the second biggest city in England – it provides a natural move for Londoners. The cost of living in all three areas is cheaper than London too, while all have healthy economies with ample job opportunities. Brighton and Birmingham incredibly saw their population rise by 12,000 just due to those arriving from London.


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The peace and tranquillity of the countryside can be a huge incentive to leave behind the hustle and bustle of London. Others, as we’ve seen in this article, opt to find some middle-ground between London and the country – and go to a smaller city such as Brighton. These people get the best of both worlds – having rural areas nearby, without losing the convenience that a city offers. At least for those wanting to move to London – there is ample opportunity.





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