Five Restaurants Every Student Should Visit in Brighton


Brighton is not only an amazing city, but it also offers an abundance of eating facilities for students. When you get tired of baked beans, there is no shortage of options for you. In this article, we pick out five restaurants to visit during your time as a student in Brighton. There are so many places to choose from – and it wasn’t easy to leave out some student favourites! These places range from vegetarian options to full-on meat stacks – there is something for everyone here! Brighton is a great place to be a student, this article gives you some great ideas for where to eat!


Brighton offers many great eating locations!


For The Atmosphere – The Prince Albert

This is a well-known spot located on Trafalgar Street in Brighton. Once a creation of the esteemed artist Banksy – now this is a pub which doubles up as a music venue. Located next to the station, it is also located in a convenient location! This venue hosts regular live performances – which helps create a great atmosphere. While the drinks may be a little too expensive to make this a regular stop-off, it is well worth visiting. And hey, Weatherspoons is close by anyway if you want a cheaper option…!


For A Picturesque View – The Tempest Inn


A relatively new addition to Brighton’s great array of pubs and restaurants is the Tempest Inn. This facility is located on the seafront, and offers great views. The Tempest offers a unique interior – which closely resembles the inside of a cave. Friday night’s at The Tempest are the stuff of legend, and the food served there is also enjoying rave reviews. All in all, it is certainly worth visiting!



For The Meat Fans – Meat Liquor

Where else?! If you like burgers then Meat Liquor is perfect for you. Meat Liquor is located at York Place – making it easy to get too. There is an abundance of choice. Take out is also available all day. There are also regular offers for students too – which makes it a great location to visit. For the evening, there are a range of cocktails available too – making it not only a spot to visit in the day – but also at night!


The Vegetarian Choice – Food for Friends

But not everyone is a fan of meat – and for the vegetarian choice, we’ve selected Food for Friends. This is positioned in the iconic South Lanes. This restaurant has an ethos of using fresh produce and local suppliers, all food is homemade. There is a lot of options on the menu, and the staff are well-known to be friendly. As it says on their website, you’ll arrive at the restaurant a guest, but leave a friend!


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For The Breakfast Choice – Billie’s Café


Billie’s Café is perfect for so many occasions – a morning get together, lunch, or even somewhere to help cure a hangover! This is a family-run café located on the outskirts of the main shopping area. The relaxed atmosphere is always nice, while the café is known for its generous portions, value for money and friendly staff. Billie’s café also uses local suppliers, and is well-known to be promote their ethical philosophy. The café also offers vegetarian and vegan options! Well worth visiting, regardless of the occasion!






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