How To Write a Great CV As a Student

Writing a CV is something integral. For practically any job you apply for, the initial stage will include you submitting a CV. This is essentially a two-page snapshot of your education, experience, achievements and qualifications. But how is it best to format a CV? What sections should you include, and what words are best to use? These are all normal questions to ask. Below we include a suggested format to use for your CV, and include some helpful tips and suggestions for your CV. At the end of the article, you can purchase a template document – which will make it simple to construct your CV! You can even take advantage of our professional CV writing service too!


After graduation, suddenly you’ll need to try and secure a job!


Suggested Format

Begin with an executive summary. This will be a snapshot of your current situation. Next, add education, experience, skills and achievements, interests and your references. This format means that you will include all of the useful information that employers look for when reviewing candidates.



We recommend you purchase our template document below. For just £2.00, you’ll receive a seven-page document that provides a template to create your CV. You’ll see an example, and receive additional tips. Below is a small preview!




But we know some people will be here purely for advice. At the executive summary stage – ensure you keep this short – this is just a basic summary that will give the reader an idea of what your current situation is. At the education section, include details of your current and past academic qualifications. Experience is a key part of your CV. List any experience you have. If you feel you don’t have enough experience, why not become a student contributor at UniEel! See what we offer here – there is no set amount of articles you need to write, we’re totally flexible, and we’ll always give you an employment reference!


Skills, interests and achievements are all optional – just ensure the CV looks nice. Try and not exceed two pages. Once you have completed your executive summary, education and experience sections, ensure you leave space for your references. At this point you can just state something general like ‘references will be provided upon employer request’ or ‘my references are available upon request’. Once this is done, we recommend with whatever space is left, to fill it with one of or a combination of the skills, interests and achievements.


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Below is the example CV document. This is a great chance to make an amazing CV easily. You’ll need to do very little work – you can just delete words where applicable, and add where needed etc. With the formatting already done, you can’t really go wrong! All of this for just £2.00! Go ahead and take a look! For any queries, contact us at! Or if you want to take advantage of our professional CV writing service, purchase that option. All it takes is a ten minute phone-call or a quick email, and we’ll do the rest!



Example CV Document

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