The World Welcomes 2018 In Style

2018 has arrived, and the world has reacted – with countless amazing firework displays. As the new year hits, there is considerable excitement at what the next twelve months might bring. As the hours went by, many countries welcomed 2018 in style, with New Zealand leading the way with an eye-catching display. Other nations soon followed, with the world now firmly in 2018. In this article, to kick-off the new year, we take a look at some of the best images from the New Year celebrations, with some help from Twitter!


We start in Seattle, Washington!


In Las Vegas, there were similar sights!


Across the Atlantic, the iconic Big Ben helped to welcome 2018.


Berlin, Germany


How about Belgium?


Venice, Italy


Spectacular Sydney!


Another great shot of Sydney:


From Colombia…



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New Zealand were first to ring in 2018!


From all of us at UniEel, we wish you a Happy New Year.



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