Further Cost-Cutting Planned at Aberystwyth University


Aberystwyth University is set to continue in its efforts to cut costs, with two recent announcements plunging many jobs into danger. A few weeks ago, the University announced plans to close their overseas campus in Mauritius. Now, within the last few days, it appears cost-cutting will continue in the form of job losses, specifically beginning at the International Politics department of the University. This continues a period of uncertainty at the University, caused by the push to cut costs.


There is considerable uncertainty at the University


As mentioned, last month the University announced their plans to close the Aberystwyth University campus of Mauritius. The Mauritius campus has proven to be nothing short of a disaster for the University, who faced criticism over the plans to construct the campus. Yet while they proceeded to open the campus, it is now set to close within two years of opening. The campus was designed for 2,000 students, yet in its second academic year, is operating at under 10% of its capacity. Given the astronomic running costs, it makes sense to close the campus.




Yet with the University on a mission to cut costs, closing the Mauritius campus won’t be enough. Attention is now turning to the Wales-based operations of the University. It is believed that a mammoth 4 in 15 staff members at the International Politics Department of the University will lose their job in the forthcoming months. The news was broken to students by a letter. The International Politics department is one of the most prestigious at the University – and is among the best in the United Kingdom for teaching quality. The news therefore comes as a disappointment for students and staff alike.


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The job losses are unlikely to stop there either. While closing the Mauritius campus and some job losses in the International Politics department will help the University save money, more measures are expected. Support staff are also believed to be next in line, while other general cuts can be expected. As the University tries to cut running costs, there is now unfortunately considerable uncertainty for staff at the University. Everyone hopes the expected job losses won’t impact the International Politics department’s reputation.





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