King’s College London Hosts Successful 5G Experiment


Technology continues to advance rapidly – and now 5G network technology has moved a step closer, after a successful experiment at King’s College London. It doesn’t seem too long ago that the UK was welcoming a 4G network, but times move quickly, and the advent of a 5G network doesn’t look too far away now. Vodafone UK and Ericsson partnered with King’s College to conduct the experiment – the first of its kind in the United Kingdom – which proved successful. Read on for the full story.


Technology continues to evolve at a fast rate


This experiment was the first instance where 5G technology has worked in the United Kingdom. During the experiment, engineers showed off several 5G technologies. 5G is something that has been an exciting prospect for some time, though steps have been taken slowly to get to even this stage. The experiments were able to yield data speeds of over 500 megabits per second – a staggering amount. This however is a very exciting prospect for potential users of the 5G technology.




While this experiment is an important step in the long-term adoption of 5G technology in the United Kingdom, a nation-wide roll-out of 5G technology appears to be still a long way away. In many rural areas of the UK, 4G, and even 3G in some cases, still aren’t readily available. Key and large cities are expected to be the first to benefit from 5G technology, when it does eventually become available. 5G as an overall technology has made several strides in recent years.


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This is an exciting step towards the future technology of the United Kingdom. 4G speeds are generally quick – it is exciting to think that network speeds could get even quicker soon. Apple have been revealed to be working on a phone that will utilise the capabilities of 5G technology – ready for its widespread adoption. Estimates suggest that by 2035, the entire world will be blessed with 5G capabilities. Hopefully, the UK will enjoy the benefits within the next five years. The test at King’s College London is an important step towards this goal.





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