Netflix Preview For January 2018

We take a look at the month ahead on Netflix, and pick out three shows worth watching this month. Netflix continues to produce excellent content, and with many older classics available to view too, it is a great time to subscribe! The month ahead will see shows such as Marvel’s The Punisher continue, while there are several festive films to look out for in the holiday season. Many films are new to the streaming service for this month. Also, expect many new seasons of high-quality series too! It could be a busy month ahead for Netflix fans!


The New Year has arrived!


TV Shows for January


Fargo season 3 will appear on the 20th January. Ewan McGregor appears in this drama, where two brothers are caught up in a double homicide case. The first two season’s earned rave reviews, and the third season will continue with the format which has made the series such a success.


Netflix’s blockbuster ‘The Crown’ returned for a second season in December. The second season continues to air throughout January. The critically-acclaimed Michael C. Hall is among those to join the cast, which uses original cast members in the second season. The series follows the trials and tribulations of  Britain’s Royal Family.


‘Dark’ is a series that also debuted last month. This series is based around a family saga, and is another series that has opened to critical acclaim. Check out our article here for all of the details on this series, including a trailer. As a warning, the show is in German, though has English subtitles.



Three Films to Watch

‘The Truman Show’ is a film starring Jim Carrey, who is unknowingly the star of a reality show. When it first appeared in 1998, it seemed something shocking, but in the contemporary age, it seems everyone wants to be part of a reality show! This film was directed by Peter Weir, and is available from the start of January.


One of the most anticipated films is the Netflix original ‘Bright’. This film stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, and while it was released last month – it is certainly worth viewing! This is a fantasy crime movie which sees the co-existence of humans and fantasy creature. The film cost Netflix an apparent $90M to make!


It is worth mentioning that all three ‘Godfather’ films will be on Netflix from the start of January. The three films are commonly regarded as among the greatest of all time – and should be essential viewing for any film fan. The Italian Job is another classic that is available throughout January on Netflix.


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Happy binge-watching for January!

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