Manchester Met Crewe Campus Update


The much-publicised closure of Manchester Metropolitan University’s Cheshire-based campus has yielded little in the way of a long-term solution. Yet news announced this morning suggest that two new suitors could soon take over the campus. A consortium between the University of Buckingham and an Indian hospital chain look set to take over the campus, which would extend the University of Buckingham’s reach, while helping the Indian hospital chain to set up a medical education park, contributing to the overall Health and Science fields.


The Crewe Campus has witnessed falling enrolment numbers in recent years


Manchester Metropolitan University announced back in 2016 that their Cheshire-based campus – located in Crewe, would close. This was due to a wide array of reasons, mainly the lack of enrolment at the campus, which meant the facility was running well below capacity. It is believed around 1,000 students are left at the campus, which was built for a far bigger cohort. The site will close in 2019, once the current cohort of students based at the Crewe campus have graduated. Since the 2016 announcement, it has been unclear of the long-term fate of the grounds.




However this appears to have now finally changed, after the recent announcement. The University of Buckingham is well-known for being the first privately-run University in the United Kingdom, and is officially listed as a charity. The University is fast-growing, and already boasts a medical school. By taking over the Crewe campus, the University could add to its ever-growing portfolio of property. The University regularly boasts strong student satsifaction rates. The proposed medical education park would belong to Apollo Hospital Enterprises India – the nation’s largest independent hospital chain.


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This news seems to be good for all parties. The Crewe campus is still a fully-functioning ground, and selling it seems to make economic sense for Manchester Metropolitan University. Meanwhile, the consortium between the University of Buckingham and Apollo Hospital Enterprises will be able to breathe new life into the campus, and turn it into something that can help both organisations develop. Locals in the Crewe area have been afraid that by closing the campus, that they would lose student business – however today’s announcement looks set to quell these fears too. Overall, good news!





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