Campaign Calls for Cambridge Students to Wear All Black


A campaign is calling for students at the University of Cambridge to wear black on Friday 19th January in solidarity with survivors of sexual harassment. This event is associated with the ‘Time’s Up’ campaign. The event has been inspired by the recent Golden Globes awards, where several attendees wore black to raise awareness for the Time’s Up campaign. Oprah Winfrey secured widespread praise for her speech around racism and sexual abuse. The Time’s Up campaign has received considerable support from several well-known people. In this case, it has clearly inspired Cambridge students too. Read on for more.



Having students from the University of Cambridge endorsing this campaign is also a major boost – given that the institution is one of the most well-renowned in the world. The campaign suggests students should wear black on Friday 19th January. Details based on the campaign can be found on Facebook, where almost 300 people have already committed to the event. Click here to be directed to the page. The day is still over a week away, with plenty of time to secure more interest.




Time’s Up is a movement that has gained significant interest following the Golden Globes Ceremony, and some events from 2017. Last year featured several abhorrent revelations, such as the Harvey Weinstein story, while the #MeToo campaign laid bare the problems facing so many women. This latest campaign is another important step in addressing the issues. The campaign has secured substantial interest.



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The University of Cambridge is committed to equality, having launched the University-wide ‘Breaking the Silence’ last year. This is a positive thing for Cambridge students to take part in, and the day, in under two weeks, will raise awareness. Check out the link below for further news about the University of Cambridge.





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