Fry Building Fire at Bristol Uni ‘Accidentally’ Started


Following last week’s fire at Bristol University’s campus, investigations have found that it started accidentally. The fire affected the Fry Building – which was fortunately undergoing renovation at the time of the fire, meaning it was unmanned. As seen in this article, it was a dramatic evening for all affected. With a thorough investigation required, Avon Fire and Rescue looked into the incident, and eventually released their findings via their website. The Tweet below summarises this. Read on here for the full story.



The fire started last week, and was eventually contained within a few hours. The fire was tackled by seven fire engines and various support vehicles – showing the severity of the fire. Despite the term having not started at the time, the campus was still a hotbed of activity at the time, in anticipation of the imminent winter exam period. The nearby Library was evacuated as a result of the fire. The library subsequently closed for the evening, with belongings left behind.




The damage caused by the fire means that investigators are unable to ever know specifically what started the fire. However, due to the range of construction and renovation works being made on the building, investigators were happy to attribute the cause of the fire to being an accident. This is positive news, meaning that no foul play was evident. It is believed that construction work will continue on the building, with the damage caused by the fire likely to prove an obstacle.


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The fire caused considerable fright and disruption, especially given the location of the affected building on the campus. Fortunately, the subsequent library closure didn’t appear to cause too much disruption, with the winter exam period in full swing. The Fry Building will eventually become the new School of Mathematics once renovations are complete. The positive news is that no one was harmed by the fire, and the University has returned to normal life in the aftermath.





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