Update on DMU Global As Weather Causes Major Problems


The UK may well be experiencing a significant chill at the moment, but it isn’t a touch on what many in the US are going through, with temperatures dropping well below freezing point across the East Coast. These inclement conditions have caused chaos for members of the DMU Global travelling party, who were hoping to make it to New York. DMU Global is ran by De Montfort University. It is believed over 200 people were unable to attend DMU Global due to the weather. However it has been announced that refunds will be offered to those affected.



Originally, over 1000 people were due to take part in DMU Global. As seen in the above Tweet, some brave folk made it a few days ago. Out of those who did make it, several resorted to air travel to unaffected airports, before completing a long transfer. It is believed the majority have made it to New York. For those who did make it, DMU Global is charging ahead, with several landmarks on the itinerary, along with a host of other activities. Click here to see the DMU Global website for more information.




As mentioned, students who were unable to make it to DMU Global have been offered a refund of £299 – the cost of the trip. However, with other destinations being offered for later in 2018, including other trips to New York, students do have the chance of switching events. Hopefully by then, the weather will have vastly improved!


De Montfort University


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Judging by the reaction to DMU Global so far, it will be a trip well worth going on. Many however will have been put off by the unbelievable weather!






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