How to Recover or Repair Corrupt Microsoft Word Documents


Microsoft Word – where would we be without it? So many assignments, important documents and just about anything else are written on Word, and therefore when something goes wrong, it can be very damaging. Even in an age where technology is rapidly improving, files are easily corrupted for one reason or another. The reason for this is often due to multiple versions of Word being used, problems with a USB drive, OneDrive issues or something else. However, there are ways of addressing the problem. In this article, we take a look at the different ways of recovering and hopefully repairing corrupted Word documents.


Microsoft Word has become an integral part of our lives!


Method One: ‘Recover Text From Any File’
We start with this as it has the highest success rate. However please note this works best for a document that only uses Text – this method will try and rescue purely the text from your Word document – which for most people will be enough. Please note also that any formatting will be subsequently lost. Only text is rescued. In Word, click ‘File’ and then ‘Open’. When looking for your document, click on the dropdown next to ‘All Files’. Click ‘Recover Text from any file’ and then navigate to the damaged document. Click Open, and with luck, you the rescued text will appear. In some cases unfortunately, strange symbols will appear.


Method Two: Force Word to try and Repair File
This simple method is a good way to begin. First up, load up Microsoft Word, using a blank document. Head to File, then click Open. Locate the document that is corrupted. Click once, and then use the downward arrow next to ‘Open’. Once here, select the ‘Open and Repair’ option. Hopefully, this will lead Word to repairing the file automatically. If all goes well, you will be able to continue working on the original document.


Method Three: Change Document Format
This method can only be used if you can actually get into the Microsoft Word document – which isn’t always possible. But if you can, go and ‘save as’ in a different file format, such as the Rich Text Format (.rtf). You can then click save. Once you’ve closed the document, try opening it up again in its new format.


Method Four: Copy and Paste
Again this method is only suitable when you can access the document, proceed to the next method otherwise. A simple way of fixing the document is to copy and paste all of the content in the affected document into a new document, before saving the new document – hopefully there won’t be any issues with the new document.


Microsoft Office problems can leave you in distress!


Method Five: Open Word in Draft Mode
This is suitable for when a damaged document doesn’t open. For this method, open Word. On the ‘View’ tab, click ‘Draft’ within the ‘Document Views’ group. Click ‘File’, then ‘Options’ and ‘Advanced’. Locate the ‘Show document content’ area, tick the box asking to ‘use draft font in draft and outline views’ and ‘show picture placeholders’. Next, in ‘General’, unselect the ‘update automatic links at Open’, then click OK and close Word. Next, re-start Word and try and find your document. Hopefully it has been recovered, and you can save it as a new document. Continue on for further troubleshooting.


Method Six: Use Objects to Open Document
Open up a new blank document and navigate to the ‘Insert’ tab. Click ‘Insert Object’ and then ‘Text from File’. Next, locate the damaged document, before clicking ‘insert’. Hopefully this will recover your document.



Method Seven: Submit Document to Specialist
It doesn’t look good at the moment for your document unfortunately. However, your document can be sent to a specialist for evaluation, and possible recovery. We can carry out this service for you, but it will cost £99.99. If we are unable to fix the problem, we can offer a refund of £14.99. If you want to proceed with this option, which should be a last resort, make the purchase below with PayPal. Then, email the affected document to us at – please note we require two working days to apply fixes. We will return the document to you as quickly as possible, and issue a £14.99 refund in the event that we can’t fix your problem.


Data Recovery Specialist Word Document Evalution

Get your Microsoft Word Document evaluated by a Data Recovery Specialist.





We hope this article has helped fix your issue. Corrupted Word Documents seem to affect many people, and there is little that can be done to prevent them. Trying to work purely from one location does help, and trying to lessen the transportation of a document too is good for the document!



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