Inquest Into Surrey University Student Death Continues


An inquest into the death of a University of Surrey student has found that the individual in question hanged himself after taking the drug LSD. Viktor Ivanelo disappeared on February 26th 2017, leading to a lengthy search and subsequent investigation by Surrey Police. The search ended tragically when a body was found almost a month later on March 28th. A body was found hanging in a disused railway arch. An inquest into the tragic death has revealed some information on the case. Read on for more.


Ivanelo was a student at the University of Surrey


The inquest heard from a friend of Ivanelo’s, who was with him the night before his disappearance. The friend stated that Ivanelo arrived at his flat around 6pm on February 25th. The duo spent the evening listening to music. Ivanelo was said to have consumed six bottles of lager, before requesting that he took the drug LSD. After taking the drug, Ivanelo left the flat at 2am, simply telling his friend he was ‘going’. What precisely happened in the following hours or even days is not known for certain.




A post-mortem examination found signs of self-harm and traces of multiple drugs in Ivanelo’s system. This unfortunate case wasn’t designated as a suicide in the end due to the intentions of Ivanelo being unclear. It is believed that Ivanelo was under the influence of drugs at the time of his death – meaning he might not have been thinking rationally, and didn’t intend on killing himself. He sent what could be seen as a farewell message to his girlfriend on the day in question, texting ‘love you’.


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This is a tragic case. It is very unfortunate that this happened. In the event of Ivanelo being suicidal, this is surely another example of the crisis in many young male adults who are struggling with mental health issues. For anyone in need, visit or call 116 123 for help.



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