Swansea University Welcomes New Chancellor

Swansea University has welcomed a new chancellor – with Professor Dame Jean Thomas taking the reigns. She has succeeded Rhodri Morgan, who was chancellor from 2011 up until his death in 2017. Below the chancellor in the pyramid is the vice-chancellor, for which there has been considerable controversy over salaries, yet Welsh Universities have stuck clear of the controversy. This appointment has been positively received, with many students pleased that a former Swansea University student will be serving in the role.



Dame Jean Thomas became a dame back in 2005, due to her lifelong contributions to the field of biochemistry. Thomas said it was an ‘honour’ to serve the University that she ‘graduated from many years ago’. With the University heading into its centenary year in 2020, it marks an exciting time for the University. Moreover, the University is to have a bike-share scheme implemented following a recent victory in the Santander Cycles Challenge.


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Dame Thomas was straight into action, as she started to present degree awards to graduates at the winter Graduation ceremony this past Monday. Dame Thomas is highly respected in Swansea and the wider academic community. She will hope to have a successful tenure at the University and preside over a successful spell.


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