10 Start of Term Struggles All Students Can Relate To

So after the relative comfort of the vacation period, it is time to return to University for another term. While you are excited to go and see your friends again, have some freedom and generally enjoy yourself, there is still the fear in the back of your mind regarding what is to come in the next few weeks. As you settle back in to the swing of University, there are several struggles that you’ll inevitably go through. In this article, we take a look at these struggles. Fear not, you will get through it!


1. Having to Begin Work Again

Over the vacation period you were able to relax a bit and catch up on some much needed sleep. While there was work to do (which you obviously did), you enjoyed your time off. Yet with the new term comes new assignments, new reading to do, and the general disappointment.



2. The Early Starts

The days of lying in at home are over, and the Monday morning 9am lecture is looming large. Getting sleep has never been easy.



3. The Food…

Over the vacation period, it is highly likely you were enjoying your parents’ cooking. Yet upon returning to University, it doesn’t take you long to slip into old habits.




4. Preparing for Exams

The first week back wouldn’t be complete without exams. After not doing as much revision as you should’ve done over the vacation, you need to catch up, and pronto!



5. Returning to Lectures

Having weeks away from scheduled classes has been nice, but say goodbye to your freedom. Those long, two-hour sessions can be gruelling. And sometimes, you won’t even know what’s going on…





6. And then wanting to leave half-way through

It can be hard to stay motivated, especially at the beginning of term. You begin to think – how did I do this every day before the break?!



7. Having to Spend Money Again

In the comfort of your own home, it is likely your expenditure was much lower than when at University. Upon returning, suddenly you’re spending money on everything – from groceries to textbooks to printing – it’s up to you now.





8. Using Rush-Hour Public Transport Again

Unless you live on campus, it is highly likely that you’ll need to use public transport to get to your classes. And as our dear Jeremy Corbyn found, public transport isn’t renowned for providing a spacious environment.



9. Having to Complete your Deadlines Again

It seemed as if you had so much time during the vacation, but reality has hit you, and there isn’t much time left to get your work done. Suddenly it’s a struggle. Writing your assignments takes you through several difficult stages, as this article shows!





10. And Then Having to Await the Disappointment

Assignments were never your strong point!



Have a great term!





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