Nightclub Employees Reveal What Their Job Is REALLY Like

In the world of work, there are tens of millions of jobs. From administrator to zoo keeper, each job has its own perks. But one job, arguably one that isn’t looked upon too favourably, is that of a nightclub employee. Loud music, boisterous bouncers and drunk and over-confident humans makes for a worrying cocktail (pun intended) of factors, turning the job into something of a nightmare. While many nightclub employees like their line of work, the majority don’t. Now, nightclub employees have taken to the popular confessions app Whisper, to reveal what their job is really like.


A typical club scene


While we may not think that being a nightclub employee is fun, some stories were positive. One resourceful employee told of how she used the late night nature of nightclub life to her advantage; she ensured that she would go on dates on a Sunday – so that she wouldn’t need to do her makeup twice! Clever! One employee mentioned how they enjoyed their work, yet they feared giving into temptation – with their partner not present and an abundance of temptations and distractions – it is something that isn’t easy.




The bad far-outweighed the good! One employee confirmed what many are told – never to leave a drink in a bar unattended. There are regular stories in the media – many of which emanate from University campuses – of cases where a reveller has their drink spiked, and end up in hospital. While it can be convenient to leave your drink in a ‘safe’ space, it is definitely best not to! Another employee told of missing weekends – the nature of working in a nightclub doesn’t give you much freedom at the weekend, unlike other professions!


As seen in many confessions, working in a nightclub can have a detrimental effect on your life, sometimes in a hazardous manner. One employee told how they might quit their job, as they didn’t feel safe. This is unsurprising, given the effect that alcohol has. One employee even told of how they were assaulted. Finally, another mentioned how they felt as if they were being looked down upon by others due to their profession, with girls thinking he was automatically a ‘douche bag’ for working at a club.




As we mentioned, experiences are largely negative. One employee looked at the subject in a philosophical manner, suggesting that no one who enters a nightclub is happy, but because of the other unhappy people, they believe otherwise. Deep… For the majority, working in a nightclub is something that won’t last too long. When looking at the negative reaction to working at a nightclub, this seems to be a good thing! For extra confessions, see the original Whisper article here.





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