Football Fans React to Martin Tyler’s Bizarre Liverpool v. Man City Commentary

Martin Tyler – he continues to divide football fans, although in truth the majority wonder how he continues to be employed by Sky Sports. While as football fans we can be a fickle bunch – it seems Tyler is against our team when we’re losing… Yet it does seem as if though Tyler often chooses sides, deciding to ‘cheer on’ a team. And the recent Premier League match between Liverpool and Manchester City was no different, with Tyler ‘enjoying’ Liverpool’s goals a little more than usual. The most bizarre line was when Sadio Mane put Liverpool 3-1 up, with Tyler suggesting it was ‘payback’ for Mane’s red card in the earlier fixture between the two sides this season… where Mane caused City keeper Ederson to need several stitches due to a challenge. Twitter was at its finest, not holding back in their views on Tyler.


So it begins…

One user wanted clarification from Sky Sports…


The Return of Fanzone?

At some points you could be forgiven for thinking that Sky had brought Fanzone back for the game.


It was getting to this point…

We could see it happening.


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Reactions to the infamous line…

‘It’s Payback for the red card’ might just go down as the most bizarre line ever heard in a commentary box. We could write a separate article for the reaction just to this one sentence.


Yes… He Really Did Say That

And here’s the proof.


Can’t we be happy for him?


No… No we can’t


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But Tyler isn’t cheering for Liverpool!



The Future…



Some do like Martin Tyler’s commentary….


And at the end of the day…

Football is a game of opinions.




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