10 Great Things About Being a Student at Brunel!


Brunel University is an excellent location to be a student. Living in London has so many benefits, while our particular area of the capital offers a lot to do and see. We’ve already covered some of the things to do while at Brunel University. In this article, we take a look at the things that make you proud to be a student at Brunel! Be sure to browse around our site for more viral articles and lists! And why not join our network of writers and compose articles like this! Enjoy!


Brunel is an excellent location to be a student


1. The Fact We Study in London

London is simply an amazing city, one of the best in the world. Millions of people venture to the UK each year for the precise reason of exploring London. Big Ben, Hyde Park, the London Underground, there is so much to see and do! Studying in London is an amazing thing to do, and despite the high price of everything, we have fun! In fact, being a student in London is such a great thing, that we even have an article specifically on it – see our Great things about being a student in London here!


2. Student City


Carrying on with the London love-in, the city also hosts tens of thousands of students. This has obvious benefits, and also means that when you get just that little bit tired of your friends, that you can head across London and see somewhere new. With many different Universities in London, it’s also likely some of your older friends will be studying in the local area!


3. Multicultural City

As a direct result of the above point, there are a diverse range of cultures in London! This allows you to meet people from many different countries. This is always very interesting and something fun to do!




4. Graduate Prospects

Looking ahead, Brunel offers a lot in terms of graduate prospects! Not only does London offer an abundance of workplaces to join, but the University’s reputation can help you secure a job! If you’re feeling really ambitious, many big companies have a presence in London – why not apply for them!



5. Nightlife + Liquid Wednesdays


Brunel offers a fantastic nightlife, with countless bars, pubs and nightclubs in the local area. Whatever your taste is, there will be something for you! The all-time student favourite is Liquid Wednesday’s – the host of some of your most unforgettable moments (both good and bad!). Just cross your fingers that you’ll avoid the Thursday 9am when the timetabling team get to work.


6. Isambard Kingdom Statue

Turning attention to our actual campus now – Brunel hosts the Isambard Kingdom Statue. This is a picturesque sight, which is practically always surrounded by people having their pictures taken. It is a nice sight to walk past every morning, and makes the 9am walk in that little bit easier to deal with!




7. Physical Location


Another great thing is the actual physical location of London. If you’ve exhausted London, there is so much to see in the outside towns and cities. Surrey is well worth discovering, while Reading, Bristol and Birmingham are all more than realistic to get to. Of course, Brighton too – a true student favourite – is close by. The array of transport on offer means getting places is very easy!


8. The Community Spirit

Brunel is a happy place to be – and the local community are always welcoming to students (well, the majority of the time!). The community spirit was summed up by Brunel’s performance in the Santander Cycles challenge – where a bevy of last minute donations secured us a new bike share scheme – which we look forward to seeing!


9. Eating Out


As alluded to earlier, there are plenty of eating places in the local area. There are a healthy mix of chains, independents, take-outs and international variants. A classic student favourite is Burger Plus, but remember to try out a few different places! But it is great to have such a variety of choice!




10. Overcoming the annoyance of no one knowing where we are!

Finally, this may well be something that is incredibly annoying – but really, we love it. When you are talking to anyone outside the University, they become instantly confused… ‘So you aren’t in London?’ ‘I thought you were in Hertfordshire though’… We’ve all heard it, and it will never change… but we’ve grown to accept it!





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