Weekly Bulletin: Mon 15 Jan 2018

Welcome to the Weekly Bulletin of News for Monday 15th January 2018. Here is a brief summary of the news emanating from the world in the past week.



  • The United Kingdom’s second biggest construction company Carillion has collapsed, with the company heading into liquidation. After mounting debts and the loss of several contracts, the construction firm attempted to be bailed out, though after no agreement was reached, the firm will enter liquidation. This puts thousands of jobs at risk. Among Carillion’s contracts are military-based operations, the HS2 railway and prisons. Employees are urged to continue their work – being told that they will be still be paid.



  • The Sanchi Oil tanker has sunk, with fuel spilling into over 50 miles of ocean water, putting marine life at risk. Unfortunately, all those on board the tanker died after it collided with a cargo ship.
  • A series of mudslides in California, USA, have killed at least eighteen people. This continues the extreme weather that the nation has witnessed in previous months.
  • Hawaii residents were told to take immediate cover in the week in fear of a possible attack, though it was eventually revealed to be a false alarm.





  • As mentioned above, construction giant Carillion is set to go into liquidation, plunging several jobs at risk.
  • In the latest news on the beleaguered toy chain ‘Toys r us’, the firm is holding a January sale, despite an uncertain future.



  • UKIP have attracted controversy after the partner of the party leader was found to have sent racist text messages, including ones where she criticised the Royal family.



  • Google and Amazon appear to be at loggerheads once again. Our article here examines their recent feud.
  • Ford is set to invest $11bn into electric cars in the next few years.








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