Check Out The New Restaurants Coming to Brighton In 2018


Brighton is already an amazing place for food – highlighted by the abundance of outlets that offer a vast array of foods from meat dishes, International variants, vegan offerings and specialist cuisines. Yet it appears that eating in the city is going to get even better, with a range of new restaurants set to appear in Brighton over the course of 2018. In this article, we pick out five restaurants to get excited over, with their arrival imminent. These establishments together provide a great mix of foods – which should be perfect for any diet. Enjoy!


Exciting times for food fans in Brighton – as the range of outlets is set to get even better!


The Ivy

Well-known in the celebrity world – yes, The Ivy is coming to Brighton. The restaurant features an firm but fair price range, and will be coming to Ship Street. As for the menu itself, it will follow the usual Ivy specifications – British cuisine, but with some Asian foods also offered. Specific details on the restaurant have been sparing so far, though it is expected to be opened in April/May.


Cin Cin

The popular Italian restaurant Cin Cin will be opening in the Hove area, later this week actually! This will be the second restaurant in the city, which will be located on Western Road. The other restaurant, which has proven hugely popular, is located on Vine Street, Brighton. The restaurant has a reputation for excellent food, and the second location will be a welcome addition to the city. It will open on Thursday 18th January.




Taco Bell

Another iconic entry – Taco Bell is coming to Brighton for the first time, with the Mexican-style chain’s arrival long overdue in the city! As we saw above, this restaurant will be located on Western Road. More than 100 people can be catered for, with the restaurant set to be split across two floors. All of the foods we associate with Taco Bell – tacos, nachos and burritos among other foods will be there. This outlet will open January 23rd.


Patty & Bun

In some very exciting news, the famous Patty & Bun restaurant will be coming to Brighton. Patty & Bun is one of the most well-renowned burger outlets in London, and will make its way to Brighton soon – set for a February 13th opening, also on Ship Street. The outlet has announced that its usual menu will be used, though vegans can look forward to a new vegan burger being added! There isn’t too long to wait for this opening!


These outlets will add to the already-impressive Brighton food scene


Burger King

Last, but certainly not least, a new Burger King will be appearing soon, adding to the existing site in Brighton. This is one of the world’s most popular outlets, and will come as good news for fast-food fans. The new Burger King is expected to open in April 2018, and will appear on King’s Road. For students walking back from a late night, the fact it is set to remain open late in the day is an attractive proposition.


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So there we have it, many reasons to get excited right there! With business booming in Brighton, and tourist numbers up too, it seems as good a time as any to be in the area. Keep an eye out for these restaurants to open, while others too are surely on the way!





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