Ever Exaggerated an Injury?! Aberdeen Academics Investigate


Researchers at the University of Aberdeen have completed an intriguing study, finding that people will exaggerate an injury when they are first asked about it, compared to subsequent questions. While this might be seen as a rather comical revelation, the researchers went on to say how the exaggerations can have ramifications for treatment. These ramifications can actually be detrimental to the recovery of the person. Read on for the full story of this, including details on the study itself.


Students at Aberdeen University were the participants in the study


In a study, researchers found that people tend to exaggerate symptoms and feelings when quizzed on an injury for the first time. Yet, when they are asked about it again, the symptoms tend to get easier to manage.




In the study conducted by researchers, there were four experiments, with participants asked to rate their distress, physical and energy levels in regards to symptoms of an injury. The study used students studying at the University of Aberdeen in their study.


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Perhaps you can relate to this?! While this is something previously expected of, and let’s face it, seen, with children, it isn’t something associated with adulthood. However, this is actually a growing problem, with many studies suggesting the damage that self-assessment is having in the health sector. These findings however could well help the sector with their assessments. The moral of this story is to think very carefully when you are next asked about an injury!






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