The Best From Prince William and Kate’s Visit to Coventry


In an exciting day for residents of Coventry and the wider area, Prince William and wife Kate appeared in the city. Legions of crowds welcomed the duo to the city, as they made an appearance, fresh off Coventry being named the UK’s City of Culture for 2021. The original announcement around the Royal Visit was made a couple of weeks ago, and since then, there has been considerable excitement in the community ahead of the day. The day finally arrived, and as we will see, it was a great day for all concerned. In this article, we pick out the best images and videos from the day.


The Welcome

The duo received a warm welcome to Coventry, with many patrons turning up early to welcome them.


Crowds were Delighted to see them…

People were hoping to take selfies!


A Happy Community

Many shook hands and spoke to the Royals’.


At Coventry Cathedral

The duo visited the world-famous Coventry Cathedral


….Where They Received a Royal Welcome

Not bad!


And they weren’t the only ones there to greet them…




Arriving at Coventry University Campus

Again, they received a positive welcome.


Opening the new Science and Health Building at Coventry University

Part of the itinerary of the day was to open the long-awaited Science and Health building at Coventry University’s campus – here are some images.


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A great day all round! The city of Coventry continues to go from strength to strength! Long may it continue!





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