New McDonald’s Coming to Warwick?!


In some good news for McDonald’s fans, a new fast-food restaurant could soon be coming to Warwick. Plans have been submitted which would result in a new McDonald’s, complete with a Drive-Thru, to be built in Warwick. This is good news for students at Warwick University, and the wider community, with McDonald’s continuing to be one of the United Kingdom’s favourite restaurants. Read on for details, including the planned location for the potential new branch and further details.


Good news for food fans [file photo]

The plans submitted show that McDonald’s hope to build a 24-hour restaurant, utilising some of the space of the Tesco superstore on Emscote Road. Specifically, some of the car parking area of Tesco would be used by McDonald’s, with 31 parking spaces also being added. McDonald’s have also said that 65 jobs will be created by these proposals. However, the proposals are subject to planning permission. Unfortunately for fast-food fans, there has been some opposition in the local area.




Objections are mainly concerned with rubbish and traffic levels. It is common for takeaway outlets to have large amounts of rubbish left in the area by customers, with this creating a dirty looking environment. Others suggest it will cause worse traffic on Emscote Road – which is already known for being a busy road. Some concerns have been raised about the Tesco superstore losing some of its car parking spaces. Finally, takeaways in the area could lose out if the behemoth that is McDonald’s takes up residence in the area.


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Some residents however feel this is long overdue – with McDonald’s only having a limited presence in the area. The nearest outlet is in nearby Leamington – an unrealistic location for several people to reach. The Tesco superstore is also built on a large plot of land, which could make it realistic for the area to host a McDonald’s outlet. With the plans submitted, it is now a matter of waiting and seeing what happens.





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