Nottingham Community Urged to be ‘Vigilant’ After Indecent Exposure Reports


The Nottingham community has been urged to be ‘vigilant’ by Nottinghamshire Police, following repeated reports of a man exposing himself in the city. In unfortunate news, a man is said to be indecently exposing himself, with a recent report alleging that on one such occasion, an incident took place near the city centre campus of Nottingham Trent University. Following numerous reports of indecent exposure, Nottinghamshire Police have responded, as seen above. Read on for full details on this story.


Residents of Nottingham have been told to be ‘vigilant’ in light of recent reports of a man indecently exposing himself


Over the past several days, Nottinghamshire Police have received several reports of a man indecently exposing himself in the Nottingham area. It is presumed that the same man is responsible for the multiple reports. While there are limited details as to specifics, it is certainly something to be wary of. The intentions of the man are unknown at this point. The most recent incident was reported to have taken place on Dryden Street – located worryingly close to Nottingham Trent University. This was reported on Monday evening.




It is also apparent that this isn’t necessarily something that will have been reported to the Police every time it happened. It is therefore likely that this has happened on more occasions than reported. The man in question is described as being in his 40s, short, and of a large build, he has been seen to wear dark clothing. If anyone sees something similar happening, Nottinghamshire Police have asked you to contact 101 – the non-emergency number. It is believed investigations are ongoing.


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As mentioned above, Police have warned the Nottingham community to be vigilant in light of these reports. It is especially important for students to be aware of these reports, with one report suggesting an incident took place in the vicinity of the Nottingham Trent Campus. It can be advised not to walk alone in the evenings, and to walk in groups wherever possible. While malice may not be the intent of the individual in this case, it is still something concerning for residents.





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