The Best From Prince Harry and Meghan’s Visit to Cardiff


It was an exciting day in Cardiff today, as Prince Harry and wife-to-be Meghan Markle visited the capital city, with thousands turning out to see the two. As Prince William and Kate found in Coventry earlier this week, the community were delighted to welcome the Royals. During their day, Prince Harry and Meghan were able to take in many sights around Cardiff, with a large band of supporters following their every move. In this article, we take a look at some of the best pictures and videos from their visit to Cardiff!


A Warm Welcome…

The duo received a warm welcome from the Cardiff community!


Meeting the Crowds

Harry and Meghan met and spoke to a range of people.


A Royal Welcome…

Crowds were delighted to see the duo.


Cardiff Castle

Their itinerary for the day included a trip to the well-known Cardiff Castle landmark.


Where an expectant crowd awaited their arrival!

Despite running behind schedule, this didn’t dampen the spirits of those waiting to see Harry and Meghan!




A Visit to the Star Hub

The Royals also visited the City’s Star Hub.


Some More Pictures

Some great snaps here!


Fan Pictures…


A Memorable Day!


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‘Its been fun’

Very true! Until next time!





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