Ever Wondered About Staff Ethnicity Statistics at Aberdeen?!


Have you ever wondered about statistics for the ethnicity of staff at the University of Aberdeen? Well, wonder no more. Thanks to the result of a Freedom of Information (FOI) request, interesting statistics can be examined. We are fortunate at this University to have such a diverse range of lecturers, while there is a strong international community both among students and the wider Aberdeen community. Read on for details of the statistics, as well as analysis.


Interesting statistics!


The following statistics relate to academic staff – including lecturers and professors. For the 2017-18 academic year, 35.6% of academic staff are ‘White British’ – which is the most common ethnicity of staff at the University. Just behind is ‘Other White Background’, which is suitable for 28% of staff. Unsurprisingly, ‘White Scottish’ also features a high proportion – accounting for 17.1% of staff. As you see, there is still a significant percentage unaccounted for so far – showing how multicultural our University is!




Behind the top three, there are no significant figures, with many small amounts. ‘Other Asian Background’ accounts for 2.6% of staff, with ‘Asian or Asian British’ just behind on 2.5%. The ethnicity of ‘Chinese’ features 2.4% of staff. Trends over the last few years have seen the ‘White British’ ethnicity featuring the highest fall, though amounts and the order have generally remained the same over the past few years. These facts are testament to the great community we have at the University!


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We’re fortunate at Aberdeen University to have an amazing mix of ethnicities – both in staff and students alike. Remember to check out the portal below to see more news regarding the University of Aberdeen!





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