Geghard, Armenia


Geghard is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is located in the Kotayk province of the Eurasian nation of Armenia. The site is a medieval monastery – and popular tourist site. The monastery is surrounded by cliffs, and features picturesque views into the distance. It is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Armenia, and the wider Eurasian area. In terms of its placement in Armenia, it is located roughly in the centre of the country. Read on for information on this amazing site!


Geghard is located in the Kotayk providence of Armenia


The monastery dates back all the way to the 4th century. Records suggest the main chapel of the monastery was built in 1215. In the forthcoming years, other chapels would follow. The monastery has enjoyed a colourful history – being occupied for hundreds of years before becoming defunct. Yet it was eventually restored to its former glory – becoming a tourist attraction. The site remains a pilgrimage site for Armenian Christians – and is therefore a much-respected location.




So what is inside the site? A range of Churches – some of which in the complex have been painstakingly crafted in caves, while others emanate from smaller caves. Some rooms in the complex are located deep within the surrounding cliffs – creating a rather surreal feeling when inside. Within the complex there are several tombs, cells, halls and chambers, as well as carvings. There is a lot to see inside the complex – with some staggering sights that you can’t help but admire!


In terms of reaching the site, it is relatively simple. A car or bus is recommended to reach the car park of Geghard, with a short walk from there taking you to the monastery. For tourists, the walk from the car park to the actual site is an interesting one – with the walk including several vendors being present, with a range of Armenian cuisine options available to buy. There are also numerous souvenirs available to purchase – helping you to remember your journey to Geghard!




The complex was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000, and has enjoyed its position as one ever since. Geghard is popular year-round, with many visitors enjoying the site. If you are planning on visiting Geghard, we can also recommend visiting the equally-famous Temple of Garni too – which is located nearby. Visiting the two together is a common practice for tourists. If you are planning to visit, we hope you have a great time! Remember to check out our travel portal below for more articles. Happy travelling!





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