Snapfish: What’s The Catch?!

Snapfish is a website and app that has recently been growing in popularity. Snapfish appears to provide users with an allotted quota of free prints of photos each year, before sending them to your front door for a small delivery fee. It is human nature to believe that an offer like this is simply too good to be true! In this age, we take photos more than ever before, and the demand to print these photos remains high – therefore making an offer like the one of Snapfish very appealing. So what is the catch with Snapfish? Good news – there isn’t one. Read on to find out how the Snapfish model works.


Snapfish offers free prints for its users


To begin with, Snapfish offers a lot with their service. You can order prints of photos, canvas pictures, personalised cushions, mugs, and other gifts. The app also provides a free allowance of photos to be printed. At the time of writing, you’ll be provided with an allowance of 50 free photos per month, with delivery starting at just £1.49 – never exceeding £3.49! The app itself too is free. Another nice feature is the fact that you can import your pictures from a variety of mediums – from social media profiles like Facebook to your camera roll, ordering becomes easy!


So right now, perhaps you’re wondering how anyone can run a business model like this! Yet when broken down and analysed, it is actually very simple. When printing in bulk, as Snapfish will do, costs are immediately reduced. The fee you pay for postage will actually help cover the majority of the costs involved with printing. The real money is made for Snapfish when customers purchase extra photos outside their allowance, or other gifts from the website! The free photos is an incentive to become a customer with Snapfish – with the possibility that you will make other purchases in the future. These different revenue streams allow the costs of casual users to be covered.


This is the classic example of the ‘freemium’ business model – a model that is being increasingly used. Many areas of the app are free, but some users, considered ‘premium’ users, help make it cost-effective to provide free prints to the majority of users. Having the large user base that Snapfish will inevitably secure also provides benefits – perhaps through targeted advertising, or potential price rises in forthcoming months. But mainly, other products can be offered to customers. This is a popular business model, and so long as enough users utilise the ‘premium’ area of the business, the ‘free’ users can just keep on printing.


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So – great news right! Printing for free! Be sure to take advantage of this great opportunity – you can visit Snapfish’s website here. You can download the app by visiting your app store. Even if you end up spending money on products outside the free printing – you will still be saving money on your free prints! So, returning finally to the title question – there is no catch! Enjoy your photos being printed for free – as well as reminiscing about those great times and memories!



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