Inside Liverpool’s Student ‘Horror House’


While student houses are notorious for being dingy, damp, and in general poor state, one particular house in Liverpool is proving to be an utter disaster for those situated within its realms. Four students have been left horrified after moving into a ‘horror’ house. The level of mould in the house has turned shoes green, while in a toe-curling (pun intended) revelation, bedroom drawers were found with toenail clippings inside. The title picture shows the extent of the damage done by the damp. Read on for more.


The ‘horrific’ house in question is located in Liverpool


Four students moved into the property back in August, and were left horrified at the condition. The students clothing and possessions have been ruined, with damp consuming many walls. The damp has subsequently impacted the kitchen too – with the refrigerator not working properly – creating many hygiene problems.




The students were quick to complain about the condition. Unfortunately, each of the four students are paying £360 per month to pay for the ‘privilege’ of living at the house. Check out more photos below.




Their letting agency – Top Property – responded by saying they had attempted to fit air vents into the house, but the tenants had failed to cooperate with their plans. This is refuted by the students. Top Property have said they will be addressing the damp problem by fitting air vents. They did however apportion some of the blame to the students – blaming their ‘lifestyle’ for the damp. There is no doubting the sheer impact caused by the damp, as seen through the pictures.


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So the next time that you are cursing your student digs – remember this article! This seems as bad as it can get, and hopefully it will be sorted out quickly. With the students in question in the middle of their final year, house trouble is not something they would hope to deal with. Our article here on ways of saving money while renting at University could help for anyone not looking for a repeat of this horror show!





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