15 Annoying Things That Happen When You Try and Study at the Library

You go with good intentions, but so often, the library is not all that it is cracked up to be. While you hope to get some work done, catch up with your notes and engage in stimulating academic debate, the reality is that you will probably end up seeing your friends, talk about how much you have to do, yet not really get much done. But that isn’t your fault of course – there are so many annoying things that cause your lack of work. In this article, we review those oh so annoying things that makes the library what it is. Enjoy!


The Library – a place of good intentions, yet the reality can be very, very different.


1. Spending More Time Looking For a Spare Seat than you do Studying


Where else to begin? It seems as if library’s were simply not built for purpose, with a shortage of seats commonplace. If you are coming in a group, just forget about trying to find a table. When its exam season and some kids stumble in at 10am thinking they’ll waltz into some spare seats, you mutter under your breath ‘unbelievable’ and shake your head in disbelief. But the point is, trying to locate the iconic spare seat actually takes away a lot of crucial studying time.


2. The Heavy Breather Coming to sit next to you

However you will – with much persistence – find a spare seat. Yet it won’t be long until you are joined by someone who sits agonisingly close to you. In many occasions, they will be a heavy breather, which of course puts you off your work, just as you were getting into the rhythm of studying. To get a much needed break, you go to find the book you need, but…


3. The Paranoia of Leaving your seat

Suddenly you become paranoid. What will happen if I leave my seat? Will someone steal it, will my chair be taken and sold in the shady black market of the library underworld? After all, at the library it is every man for himself. But eventually you do summon the courage to leave your seat, and you go in search of the illusive book.


4. Finding your book has been taken out


Yet inevitably, that one book you need is not going to be there. You checked on the database, and it should be there, but it isn’t. So in most cases you are forced to settle for a dusty book from the early 2000s. Not a good start, but you return to your seat, and knuckle down and do some studying.




5. When Someone Dares Open a Bag of crisps

A common practice in many library’s – the student who decides to eat a bag of crisps. The sheer noise created, as they enjoy every last morsel of each individual crisp, is enough to send you over the edge. And it is only going to get worse…


6. The Phone Calls


It isn’t long before someone else ends up having a conversation which the entire library floor apparently needs to know about. There is little hope, and you are struggling to focus on getting your work done.


7. The Mother’s Meeting


The next annoyance factor is one that happens everywhere, but it is at its worst in the library. One table decides, despite the library being for silent study, that it is time to have a catch-up and gossip. The proverbial mother’s meeting as we like to call it – it is enough to put anyone off their work.


8. The General Distractions


Aside from those annoying areas, you also have the natural distractions. Every time you hear that door swing open, you turn into a hawk, watching everyone come and go. Again, it is difficult to get your work done in such an environment.




9. Seeing Someone You don’t like


Ah, another inevitable thing at the library – seeing someone you don’t like. And yes the awkward eye-contact will happen. Your dislike for them overtakes your mind, and proves to be yet another annoying thing that happens at the library.


10. Not having an electrical socket near you

While your laptop can offer a much needed source of entertainment, it isn’t long before you realise your baby is running out of juice, and fast. Yes you’ve remembered your charger, but a socket is nowhere to be seen. Suddenly you realise that you’re back in the dark ages.


11. Having to Quietly go through a personal meltdown


With all of these annoying areas mounting up, it is only so long before you start to go into the familiar meltdown mode. You struggle to cope with your surroundings, and after spending a couple hours in the library, develop a serious bout of cabin fever. But the very fact that you don’t want to draw attention to yourself means that you have to go through the meltdown quietly.


12. Eavesdropping

It is getting to the point now where you are ready to admit defeat in your life-long ambition to be productive. To pass the time, you begin eavesdropping. But the very fact that yet another distraction is taking you away from your work is annoying.





13. Having to Queue for Everything


It doesn’t matter what your aim is at the library – whether it is printing, photocopying, getting a coffee or buying something out of the vending machine – you will have to queue. And yes it is tedious.


14. Just wanting to go home the entire time

It really is a struggle, and even if you manage to get work done, you have the constant feeling of just wanting to go home the entire time. Having this feeling in the back of your mind is annoying, and causes you more, unneeded stress. But eventually enough is enough and is time to depart…




15. The Guilt….


Yet the final annoying thing that happens is the feeling of guilt as you stride away from the library, knowing that you didn’t do anywhere near as much work as you should’ve done. And what’s more, you know you’ll be back again soon, where the cycle will continue.





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