Confirmation of Death of Bristol Uni Student


Unfortunate news has reached us, where a student from the University of Bristol is believed to have taken his life – following six previous cases in little over a year. The body of Justin Cheng – an aspiring lawyer, was found just under two weeks ago. The Canadian national is believed to have taken his own life, with an inquest in the near future set to take place. This is the latest unfortunate news to hit the University, along with the wider Bristol community.


This is the latest student suicide to affect the city of Bristol tragically


Justin Cheng was found on January 12 away from the University campus. He was a third-year Law student and aspiring lawyer. Understandably, Justin’s family have requested privacy at this difficult time. This is the seventh ‘suicide’ case to have affected Bristol University since October 2016, which is a worrying statistic. This isn’t confined to just one Bristol University however, with a similar case involving a first-year student being reported at the University of the West of England.




The University of Bristol has recently increased its provisions for mental health, though it is apparent that a mental health crisis is happening at UK Universities. Recent statistics uncovered have shed light on the inadequate provisions that many UK Universities have in regards to mental health. There is an unprecedented pressure on young people, with concerns over mounting costs, both in tuition fees and living costs – adding to an uncertainty over job prospects. While many enjoy University, for some, it can be a very difficult time.


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Hopefully no other tragedies will take place as we’ve seen in recent times. There is clearly many, many people in need of help, with Universities needing to vastly improve their provisions for mental health problems. For anyone in need, you can contact the Samaritans for Free on 116 123.





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