Inside Amazon’s ‘No Checkout’ Store

In a worldwide first that will surely revolutionise the long-term future of grocery-shopping, Amazon has opened its first supermarket without checkouts. The store, title ‘Amazon Go’, opened earlier today in Seattle, Washington, USA. This move has been expected for some time, though there is no denying just how impressive the technology is. Amazon continues to find new ways to innovate, with this latest innovation impressive. In this article, we take a look at the new store, which could become the norm in due course!


To begin with, take a look at this video:


Impressive! So to summarise – how does it work? Before entering, the customer will scan the Amazon Go smartphone app. Once inside, Amazon Go will use cameras mounted to the ceiling, along with electric sensors, to help identify the items a customer selects from the shelf. These sensors are so advanced that they can delete items once they have been returned to a shelf by the consumer! Upon exiting the store, purchases will be billed to the payment card associated with their Amazon account. For anyone still confused – take a look at this helpful diagram:




A little-known fact is that the store actually opened in December 2016, but only to staff of Amazon. This was meant to be a trial, though the store endured some teething problems. Another important fact to state is that Amazon Go is separate from the Whole Foods chain that Amazon has purchased. It is believed further ‘Go’ stores will open in due course. By having no checkouts and thus no waiting times, it makes shopping much more convenient for shoppers. It is expected that this system could become the norm in forthcoming years. Here are a few more pictures:




These are exciting times!





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